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danielnoviceAs a man who's lost over 100lbs, I created this blog to motivate, inspire, and connect with others who are also on their weight-loss /healthy lifestyle journey.

I track the tag #DanielNovice

More of Me?


1.  http://deniablesmiles.tumblr.com/ 
2.  http://10000steps.tumblr.com/
3.  http://strong-and-stronger.tumblr.com/
4.  http://thefitlosopher.tumblr.com/
5.  http://losingitwithcassandra.tumblr.com/
6.  http://quads-for-the-gods.tumblr.com/
7.  http://citruspencil.tumblr.com/
8.  http://moreoatmealplease.tumblr.com/
9.  http://fitnew-me.tumblr.com/
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